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Umbrella Grant

AIPS was awarded a two-year grant for the pursuit of its commitment to promoting scholarly exchange between the US and Pakistan. Granted by the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, AIPS will implement five programs between 2024-2025:

1. An American Studies curriculum exchange & conference.
2. A digital citizenship boot camp.
3. A science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) training series.
4. A U.S.-Pakistan higher education workshop series.
5. A university partnership for promoting civic leadership for social change.

AIPS strongly supports the promotion of education, empowerment of digital citizens, women and youth, and civic leadership. Reflecting this commitment, AIPS strives to prioritize participation by women, underrepresented groups, and non-elites (as well as non-elite schools) in its programming.

*AIPS is not currently accepting applications for these programs. An announcement will be sent out to eligible participants if this changes.

1. American Studies
This three-part exchange program is designed to enhance knowledge of the U.S. in Pakistan followed by a conference in Islamabad. The University of Wisconsin-Madison will host faculty from universities in Pakistan for a three-week summer exchange led by UW professors, Dr. Grant Nelsestuen and Dr. Dan Kapust. Former AIPS President, Dr. Farhat Haq, will travel from the U.S. to Pakistan to host public lectures at universities in Pakistan. She will also engage in one-on-one or small-group faculty mentoring at the five partner universities.

2. Digital Citizenship
This program brings AIPS into collaboration with the Digital Rights Foundation to host eight 15-day boot camps across Pakistan. These bootcamps are designed to enhance responsible digital citizenship in Pakistan, including building knowledge and skills about the importance of digital citizenship and digital communication.

3. STEM Sisters
In partnership with the University of Delaware (AIPS Institutional Member), this program is targeted towards undergraduate women in STEM fields at universities throughout Pakistan. These students will come to the University of Delaware for a three-week summer institute focused on climate change and sustainability. During this time in the U.S., these students will also spend time in New York City and Washington, DC.

4. Higher Education Leadership
This program is a two-week workshop hosted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the development of higher education leadership skills. Twelve faculty/administrators from universities in Pakistan will attend this summer workshop to foster leadership skills, professional growth, equity, and diversity in Pakistan’s higher education workplace.

5. Civic Leadership
In partnership with Hutson-Tillotson University (AIPS Institutional Member) and North Carolina Central University (AIPS Institutional Member), Pakistani students from higher education institutions will come to the U.S. to learn and be mentored on the importance of civic engagement and social responsibilities. During this three-week summer program, led by AIPS Executive Committee member, Dr. Michael Hirsch, these students will be equipped with the tools, skills, and strategies to build networks and work cooperatively to address societal challenges.