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AIPS Fellowships

AIPS is no longer accepting Fellowship applications! The deadline has passed!

Learn more about our fellowships on the Fellowships Available page. 

*New changes to the Fellowship recommendation letter requirements!

  1. Post-doctoral applicants are required to submit just one letter of recommendation. Post-doctoral applicants are not required to submit their transcript(s).
  2. Pre-doctoral applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation; one letter must be from their dissertation advisor. In addition, pre-doctoral applicants must submit their transcript(s).

All applicants must pay an application fee ($30) and be current AIPS members ($25/year) at the time of the application review. Please note that these are two different payments.

** Please note that you are still able to upload three (3) letter letters of recommendations on your application, but are only required to include the above requirements.