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Pre Doctoral Fellowship (Junior Fellowship)

**Pre-doctoral means completed all requirements of PhD except dissertation**
Junior Fellowship Requirements

  • Research must be conducted in countries OTHER THAN the US or Pakistan (US Citizen)
  • Research can be conducted in Pakistan or other countries, but not in the US (Non-US Citizen)
  • Must be an AIPS individual member at the time of application and through the conclusion of this award (i.e. applicant may need to be a member for more than one fiscal year)
  • Research must be at least two months and less than nine months

Junior Fellowship Details:

  1. Pre-doctoral applicants must have completed all requirements of PhD except for dissertation. 
  2. Pre-doctoral applicants are required to submit at least two letters of recommendation; one letter must be from their dissertation advisor. ** Please note that you are able to upload three (3) letters of recommendation on your application, but are only required to include the above requirements. 
  3. Pre-doctoral applicants must submit their transcript(s).

Liability Waiver

Each participant will be required to sign a release that stipulates the relevant security issues that need to be adopted (if applicable) and the fellowship terms and conditions.

Application Procedure

The application is an online package. Candidates must use this online application package. You will be able to save, exit, and return to this application after you have begun. Paper or email applications will not be accepted.

Review Process

Once the deadline for applications has passed, fellowship applications are sent to an external review committee, made up of Pakistan Studies scholars and/or members of the Executive Committee. All applications will be reviewed in a timely manner. We thank you for your patience while we process and review all awards. When possible, AIPS will provide an updated timeline of the review process. 


I meet these requirements; please send me to the application!

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