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Pre Doctoral Fellowship (Junior Fellowship)

Junior Fellowship Requirements

• Fellow must be an AIPS individual member in good standing at the time of application and throughout the tenure of this grant
• Fellow must currently be affiliated with a US institution.
• Research must be at least 2 months and less than 9 months; AIPS reserves the right to shorten the duration of research, pending availability of funds.

Note:  Pre-doctoral means completed all requirements of PhD except dissertation

A. If US Citizen:
• Research can be conducted in one or more countries
• No travel to Pakistan
• No research in the US

B. If not a US Citizen:
• Research can be conducted in Pakistan or other countries
• Research to Pakistan cannot include research in any additional countries
• No research in the US
• NOTE: There are limited funds in this pool

Junior Fellowship Details:

  1. Pre-doctoral applicants are required to submit at least two letters of recommendation; one letter must be from their dissertation advisor. Please note that you are able to upload three letters of recommendation on your application, but you are only require to include two.
  2. Pre-doctoral applicants must submit their transcript(s).
  3. Fellowships in Karachi may be possible for research purposes, but applicants should check with the AIPS office prior to submitting an application

Liability Waiver
Each participant will be required to sign a release that stipulates the relevant security issues that need to be adopted (if applicable) and the fellowship terms and conditions.

Application Procedure
The application is an online package. Candidates must use this online application package. You will be able to save, exit, and return to this application after you have begun. Paper or email applications will not be accepted.

Applications open annually in mid-November and are due on February 1st. 

See this Application Guide for a detailed explanation of AIPS grant applications.

Review Process
Once the deadline for applications has passed, fellowship applications are sent to a review committee comprised of Pakistan Studies scholars and/or members of the Executive Committee. All applications will be reviewed in a timely manner. AIPS hopes to complete the review process in mid-April and announce our next cohort of fellows by early May each year.

To Apply

Deadline: February 1, 2024

Visit our FAQ page with any additional questions.