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International Communications

Communication systems in Pakistan have improved at a rapid pace in the last decade. The internet and satellite systems have rapidly changed the landscape from which Pakistan communicates. Moving from a government run system to independent carriers, communicators have options and a range of products to choose from. Cell phones/mobile phones are everywhere and there are various independent companies that compete with each other. The internet of course, late in coming to Pakistan, is just as important there as it is in the rest of the world. Again, as with other communication devices, there are independent companies and providers that offer ranges in products and services. Under communications are also radio and television and which have also undergone major transformation with the privatization of businesses. They are briefly mentioned here. For more information, please see the links above.

Telephones: main lines in use: 4,502,200 (2004)

Telephones: mobile cellular: 5,022,900 (2004)

International Country Code: 92

Satellite Earth Stations: 3 Intelsat (1 Atlantic Ocean and 2 Indian Ocean)

Operational International Gateway Exchanges: 3 (1 at Karachi and 2 at Islamabad); microwave radio relay to neighboring countries (1999)

Radio and Television

Radio Broadcast Stations: AM 27, FM 1, shortwave 21 (1998)

Radios: 13.5 million (1997)

Television Broadcast Stations: 22 (plus seven low-power repeaters) (1997)

Televisions: 3.1 million (1997)

Internet Country Code: .pk

Internet Service Providers (ISP's): 38,309 (2005)