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Junior Faculty Training and Exchange Program

The AIPS Junior Faculty Training and Exchange Program is an Embassy-funded program (by the US Embassy in Pakistan) supporting the exchange of senior US scholars and junior Pakistani scholars for mentorships and trainings.  This grant seeks to increase the academic and professional caliber at Pakistani universities through a sustained transfer of expertise.  To date, AIPS has hosted numerous workshops, lectures, mentorships and other academic engagements as part of this program, providing research and curricular training to junior faculty, exposing them to scholarly articles and helping them foster new relationships with scholars in the US and Pakistan.  The impacts of this program have the potential to reach even greater audiences as the trained junior Pakistani faculty pass on their learnings to their students and other colleagues.

*AIPS is not currently accepting applications for this program. An announcement will be sent out to all members if this call is reopened.

Grantees and Projects Supported (To Date)

Michael HirschSocial Sciences Research
Robert Nichols: History Workshops in Lahore and Islamabad
Iftikhar Dadi: Lahore Biennale
Patricia Pashby: Language Teaching in the 21st Century
Marcia Hermansen: New Developments and Debates in Islamic Studies
Sarah Beckham: New Pedagogies Workshop Series: Pakistan 2018
Joel Gordon: Popular Culture Across Borders
Matthew Cook: Digital Humanities Workshop

Pakistan to U.S. Exchanges (To Date)
PAK to US Exchanges