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2020 Short-Term Research Grants

Hardeep Dhillon
Field: History
Project Title: Indians on the Move: Law, Borders, and Freedom in the Twentieth Century
Affiliated Institution: Harvard University
Abstract                    Final Report

Muntazir Ali
Religious Studies
Project Title: Between Samarkand and Delhi: Mapping Conceptions of Space and Belonging in late-Nineteenth and early-Twentieth Centuries Chitral
Affiliated Institution: Brown University
Abstract                    Final Report

Sundas Amer
Field: Asian Studies
Project Title: Poetry Across the Divide: Persianate Women Writers in the 20th Century
Affiliated Institution: University of Texas at Austin
Abstract                    Final Report

Zain Mian
Comparative Literature and Literature Theory
Project Title: The Poetics and Politics of Urdu Journal Culture in Pakistan
Affiliated Instition: University of Pennsylvania
Abstract                    Final Report

Zarak Sohail
Project Title: Do Remediation Classes Improve Student Learning in Developing Countries? Evidence from Pakistan
Affiliated Institution: University of California-Irvine
Abstract                    Final Report

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