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American Institute of Pakistan Studies and Oxford University Press, Pakistan, Scholarly Reprint Series

The American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS) and Oxford University Press (OUP), Pakistan, are happy to announce a collaborative reprint series.  The series focuses on reprinting humanities and social science monographs and edited volumes for sale in Pakistan.  Prospective applicants must be individual AIPS members or scholars from an AIPS member institution. For accepted books, AIPS will negotiate the cost for the Pakistan publication rights, while OUP, Pakistan, will print and distribute the titles in the series.

AIPS and OUP, Pakistan, will review submitted books for the series independently. Review criteria include but are not limited to:

1. Depth and accuracy of research;
2. Potential to attract new students and scholars to Pakistan Studies;
3. Potential to integrate Pakistan Studies more fully into vibrant disciplinary and interdisciplinary discussions;
4. Innovativeness of approach;
5. Clarity and elegance of the writing;
6. Lack of availability in Pakistan.

Before submitting, applicants must electronically contact the AIPS business office in Madison ( to confirm their eligibility for the series. Once approved, AIPS staff will give you the mailing address for your submission materials.

Members who wish to be part of the series must submit two hard copies and an electronic copy, in .pdf format, of the following items:
1. Two non-returnable copies of the book;
2. A cover letter (two pages max) explaining how the monograph further expands and enhances Pakistan Studies;
3. A letter or printed email from the book’s initial publisher stating that Pakistan’s publishing rights are available for purchase and how much those rights would cost.

There are two submission deadlines per year:  June 1st and December 1st.  If an applicant fails to send any of the required items, AIPS and OUP, Pakistan, will not review the submission.  The series generally publishes two books per year.  Titles not selected can be resubmitted and reconsidered.