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LUMS "Pathways to Development" Conference

A three-day conference titled “Pathways to Development” was held in mid-December (19th-21st) at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Lahore, Pakistan. The conference featured participation from several US-based scholars whose travel was facilitated by Yale University (Dr. Sarah Khan) with support from AIPS. The conference saw more than 70 speakers across 22 panel sessions and was attended by over 350 students, faculty members, scholars, and government officials. The multidisciplinary conference centered on the theme of equitable and sustainable growth in Pakistan and covered themes ranging from macroeconomic stability to climate change, to gender and social justice, among many more. Participants were therefore exposed to a broad array of expert assessment on Pakistan’s path to sustainable and equitable growth, and able to hear the interplay between disciplines. The organizing committee is now planning to make the conference an annual event as planning gets underway for next year's event.