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Fellows 2020-2021

Fellowships: Funded by Council of American Overseas Research Centers
*Funding provided by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State through a grant from the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC).

Rachel Cochran
Field: History
Project Title: Persianate Millenarianism: Musa Khan Dahbidi and Muslim Reform in the 18th Century
Affiliated Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel HIll
Fellowship Type: Junior, 4 months in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, or India
Abstract                     Final Report

SherAli Tareen
Field: Religious Studies
Project Title: Longing for Revolution: Narratives of Emancipation in Modern Islam
Institution: Franklin and Marshall College
Fellowship Type: Senior, 2 months in London
Abstract                     Final Report

Sarah Waheed
Field: History
Project Title: Her City Disappeared Into Oil: Gulf Migrations, Urbanization, and South Asian Islam
Institution: Davidson College
Fellowship Type: Senior, 6 months in Pakistan, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi
Abstract                     Final Report

Fellowships: Funded on Unrestricted/Other Funds

Zahra Khalid
Field: Geography
Project Title:  (In)security, middle-class aspiration, and speculative real-estate in Pakistan: a geographical-historical materialist analysis
Affiliated Institution: The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Fellowship Type: Junior, 2 months in Pakistan
Abstract                     Final Report

Suneel Kumar
Field: Anthropology
Project Title: Theorizing Deltas: A More-than-Human Ethnography of  Indus Delta in Pakistan
Affiliated University: University of Georgia
Fellowship Type: Junior, 3.5 months in Pakistan

Abstract                     Final Report