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Pakistan Lecture Series

The Pakistan Lecture Series is a program designed to support academic exchange between Pakistani and US scholars and to promote the field of Pakistan studies as a whole. As a part of this program a Pakistani scholar, artist, musician, etc, is invited to travel to the USA for two to four weeks and present lectures at a minimum of three US AIPS-member institutions. PLS speakers are nominated by AIPS members or member institutions.

A three member committee solicits and screens potential PLS speakers. The final selection and approval of the PLS speaker is made by the AIPS Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees, and is contingent upon available funds.

The Trustee or Member Institution proposing a PLS speaker makes initial arrangements in terms of the speaker's itinerary and the lectures that they will present. This information should be filled out in the PLS Proposal Form and submitted by email to the AIPS President for review by the PLS Speaker Committee.

Please allow minimally two weeks for Executive Committee consideration. Once the Executive committee has approved a PLS Speaker, it can take up to three months to obtain US visa clearance. Please submit your application with sufficient time to accommodate these requirements.

PLS Travel

AIPS provides each PLS speaker with round trip International Travel from Pakistan, as well as US domestic air/rail travel that must be purchased prior to their departure from Pakistan. Once the itinerary has been finalized it cannot be changed without total cancellation and considerable additional expense. AIPS will not be responsible for any additional costs resulting from changes in the itinerary. Each PLS speaker is provided a modest honorarium that can be use for incidental expenses that are not covered by host institutions.

Expectations of Host Institutions

Each host is expected to provide local hospitality for the PLS speaker, including accommodations, meals and local transportation. Host institutions are expected to complete evaluations of the PLS speaker. Evaluation forms can be found here.

Expectations of PLS awardee: Each awardee is expected to work with the AIPS-member institutes to arrange required lectures. After each lecture, the awardee is to evaluate the host institutions. Evaluation forms can be found here.

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