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Fellows 2013-14

Short-Term Fellowships: Funded by Public Affairs Section, American Embassy, Islamabad, Pakistan

Syed Akbar Hyder
Field: Literature
Project Title: Lives of Passion and Paradox: Josh and His Peers
Affiliated Institution: University of Texas, Austin
Fellowship Type: Post-Doctoral, 2 months in Lahore
Abstract                    Final Report

Cabeiri deBergh Robinson
Field: Anthropology
Project Title: Islamic Charities, Voluntary Organizations, and the Post-Disaster Reconstruction of Pakistani Kashmir
Affiliated Institution: University of Washington
Fellowship Type: Post-Doctoral, 4 months in Islamabad
Abstract                   Final Report

Muntasir Sattar
Field: Anthropology
Project Title: Finding a Job in the Megacity: the Relationships between Education, Work, and the Urban Setting
Affiliated Institution: Columbia University
Fellowship Type: Pre-Doctoral, 3 months in Lahore
Abstract                Final Report

Regular Fellowships: Funded by Council of American Overseas Research Centers

Sameer Lalwani
Field: Comparative Politics and International Relations
Project Title: Selective Leviathans: Explaining State Strategies of Counterinsurgency and Consolidation
Affiliated Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fellowship Type: Junior, 2 months in London
Abstract                  Final Report

Sean Killen
Field: History
Project Title: South Asian Legal Professionals and International Legal Order, c. 1860-c. 1970
Affiliated Institution: University of Texas, Austin
Fellowship Type: Junior, 5 months in the UK, India, Switzerland, and the Netherlands
Abstract                     Final Report