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Conferences on Pakistan in the US with Minority-Serving Institutions

AIPS sets aside seed money each year for organizing a Pakistan-related conference in the US. Any AIPS Institutional Member can submit a proposal. Each applicant must invite at least one (preferably more) participant from a community college or a Minority-Serving Institution. NOTE: these funds may be used to support airfare and other direct expenses. 

These awards are funded by the Department of Education and the Council of American Overseas Research Centers.

To apply:

Submit a one-page proposal to AIPS that includes the following information:

  • Institutional Affiliation and agreement to host conference
  • Conference title and theme
  • Participating member information from community college/Minority-Serving Institutions (short bio or CV)
  • Faculty member proposing the conference (short bio or CV)
  • Conference program/agenda
  • Proposed conference dates
  • Budget for the conference
  • If the proposing institution is not an AIPS member, an AIPS Institutional Membership must be sent under separate cover

Budget varies from $3,000–$4,000/year

Send complete proposal to:

Laura Hammond