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AIPS Sponsored Workshops

AIPS has received funding from the US Embassy for a series of three workshops in four different subject areas, where the same participants attend all three workshops within one particular series. Three series of workshops are scheduled for the upcoming months.

Workshop theme: Visual Analysis: art, architecture and media
Organizer: Iftikhar Dadi

Iftikhar Dadi, Cornell University, is organizing a workshop series based on the theme of Visual Analysis: art, architecture and media. A series of three seminars on methodological questions and case studies on these areas will be offered during 2015. Participants will include faculty in the higher education sector from across Pakistan. The seminars will focus on assisting participants in developing their own curriculum and teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and provide them with frameworks useful in furthering their individual research projects. The seminars are divided into 1) modern and contemporary art, 2) architectural history and theory of South Asia, and 3) South Asian media cultures: history, theory, and criticism.


Workshop theme: Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management
Organizer: Mark Kenoyer

J. Mark Kenoyer, University of Wisconsin-Madison, is organizing a workshop series on teaching Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management. The objectives of this series is to provide examples of how archaeology is being taught in both large and small US Universities. Invitations are being sent to universities that have active programs of teaching archaeology and cultural heritage management. Selected participants will attend all three workshops to receive the full benefit of this series. Kenoyer has partnered with Quiad-i-Azam University for the delivery of the series.


Workshop theme: Peace-building and conflict resolution
Organizer: Paula Newberg

Paula Newberg, University of Texas at Austin, is organizing a series of workshops on the theme of Peace-building and conflict resolution. The intended audience for these workshops is social science and law faculty. The first workshop on rights and the rule of law in building peace will be held in March of 2014 at the Centre for Public Policy & Governance, Forman Christian College. Goals of the workshop are to provide a background in the fundamentals of the subject, gain familiarity with tools of the trade, and help create a syllabus, or teaching module, in one or more elements of the subject. Additional workshops will take place in fall of 2014 on sources of conflict and governing toward cooperation at the AIPS Center in Islamabad with the final workshop on building peace and resolving conflicts in January of 2015 at the Centre for Public Policy & Governance, Forman Christian College.