Welcome to AIPS

The American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS), established in 1973, is a bi-national research and education organization with a mission to promote academic study of Pakistan in the US and to encourage scholarly exchange between the US and Pakistan.

It is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, autonomous organization and a member of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers.

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Travel Grant Awardees

AIPS is excited to announce the AIPS Travel Grant awardees who were funded to travel from Pakistan to the US, and from the US to Pakistan, for a conference or invited lecture. Visit the 2013-14 Travel Awards page to view conference dates and abstracts. Congratulations to all awardees!

Embassy 2 Funded US to Pakistan

Announcing AIPS Summer Grantees!

AIPS would like to congratulate the 2014 AIPS Summer Fellowship award winners!

AIPS 2014-15 Long-term Fellows Awarded

Congratulations to the recipients of an AIPS Long-term Fellowship!

  • Elizabeth Lhost, PhD Student at University of Chicago, awarded 3 months in London
  • Ameem Lutfi, ABD Graduate Student at Duke University, awarded 6 months in Manama & Zanzibar 
  • Waleed Ziad, PhD Candidate at Yale University, awarded 4 months in Uzbekistan, UK

Spring 2014 Newsletter

AIPS has had a very accomplished year! We are excited to share with you the Spring 2014 AIPS Newsletter. Read stories from past AIPS Fellows, learn about upcoming opportunities, and gain insight on all the other achievements AIPS has added in the last year. 

AIPS 2014-15 Short-Term Fellows Awarded

Congratulations to the recipients of AIPS's fifth round of awardees for the Short-Term Fellowships!

  • Elizabeth Bolton, Doctoral Student at University of Texas at Austin, awarded 5 months in Lahore
  • Dr. Lubna Chaudhry, Associate Professor at State University of New York, Binghamton, awarded 2 months in Islamabad
  • Dr. Filomena Critelli, Associate Professor at University at Buffalo, awarded 2 months in Islamabad and Lahore
  • Samina Iqbal, Thalhamir Research Assistant at Virginia Commonwealth University, awarded 2 months in Islamabad and Lahore
  • Abbas Jaffer, PhD Candidate at Harvard University, awarded 5 months in Lahore